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Pension Annuity

With rates only just above an all-time low, pension annuities are no longer the automatic choice for people looking to cash in their pensions for their retirement. Indeed the whole decision-making process for retirement has been shaken-up by several factors in recent years, not least because of higher levels of life expectancy and generally poorer financial returns.

The recent economic issues to have affected the global economy have meant that retirement is not necessarily the change it once was, as more and more people consider working fewer hours rather than stopping altogether. So where does that put annuities?

Whereas the purchase of a pension annuity represented the only source of income for most people retiring, nowadays it is likely to form only part of the solution as other income streams are utilised, such as part-time work or income from property.

Indeed, many people in good health are now delaying the purchase of a pension annuity as they consider alternative, slightly riskier options like income drawdown or buy-to-let which may deliver better returns over 10 or 15 years until a pension annuity becomes a more realistic option for their lifestyle and life expectancy.

Whatever the view of pension annuities, the reality is that they remain an important part of most people's retirement income.

The ability to shop-around for pension annuity quotes has been helped by the FSA's Open Market Option initiative and by the internet where pension annuity quotes can be acquired with ease. A pension annuity comparison with help from a qualified adviser will allow you to make an informed choice about which is the best pension annuity for your situation.

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