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Long Term Care Solutions?

Current Situation

Thanks to advances in medicine and a better overall quality of life, people are now living longer than ever before. The downside of this, however, is a higher degree of serious illness and disability later in life. Simple tasks such as washing, moving about the house and preparing meals can become more difficult, and in many cases, professional care can be the only solution.

Approximately one in three people will need long term care residential care at some stage in their lives and the costs can be high: between 1988 and 2006 the average weekly fees for residential care increased from £160 to £398 and for nursing care from £229 to £570†. It also comes with the uncertainty of not knowing how long it will be required.

If the costs are met from savings or investments, or perhaps with help from families, there is a real possibility of running out of money, particularly if the person in care lives for much longer than expected.

That's why insurers have developed a Long Term Care Annuity (also known as Immediate Needs Annuity) as a way of guaranteeing a regular income for the rest of the life of the person in care, giving more certainty that their care will continue to be paid, however long that may be.

†(source: Laing and Buisson - Care of Elderly People - UK Market Survey 2006)

Current Providers

There are currently only two providers of Long Term Care Annuities in the market: Partnership Assurance and Friends Life (previously AXA).  Both companies have been operating in this market for some time and operate only through financial advisers, so there’s no option to go direct.  They also have different underwriting procedures, so your financial adviser should get quotes from both insurers. 

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