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Annuity Rates are at an all-time low because of increased life expectancy and historically low interest rates.

With this is mind, many people taking the tax-free lump-sum cash option from their Pension Funds are now considering Income Drawdown as an attractive alternative to conventional annuities.

Benefits of an Income Drawdown Plan

Flexible Income

You are not obliged to take an income from your fund until you need it. Even if you do want to take some income, you can vary the amount according to your individual circumstances. This might benefit someone who wants to continue to work, but wants access to the tax-free lump-sum cash to pay off the mortgage or take a holiday of a lifetime.

Protection from Inflation Included

Once the tax-free lump-sum cash has been taken, the remaining fund is then invested conservatively in investment funds with a view to producing a return over time which will offset the effects of inflation.

Some annuities offer protection from inflation via Escalating or RPI-linked policies, but the policyholder has to accept a much lower income initially, and it may take many years to reach the same amount available from a level annuity.

Enhanced Death Benefits

With Income Drawdown, if you die your fund can be passed on to your partner either in full (providing they continue with the Income Drawdown or buy an annuity) or by receiving a lump sum return of the fund, less a 55% tax charge.

With an annuity, if you die, essentially your annuity dies with you, unless you arrange for spouses benefits and/or a guarantee period, which will ultimately cost you more.

Income Drawdown offers joint-life benefits with the advantage of single-life income levels.

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